Design Engniring Ms. K (Yokohama Office)
Ms. K

Please tell us how you came to join the company.

I was attracted to the opportunity to utilize my many years of experience in semiconductor digital layout design to work on spintronics and MRAM, technologies that greatly expand the possibilities of a low-power society. Through MRAM, we hope to be a driving force in revitalizing Japan’s semiconductor industry.
Additionally, working at a venture company requires you to constantly challenge new things and keep learning, beyond the scope of your previous work experience. I thought it was an environment where I could expand my skills and knowledge and grow myself.

Please tell us the details of the work you are involved in.

I am in charge of the layout of semiconductor digital design. Using EDA tools, we conduct verification work such as efficiently arranging and routing a large number of cells, making sure that they operate according to specifications, and that the chips will not run away due to thermal runaway and break down when they are moved.
This is my first experience designing a layout for low power consumption that incorporates MRAM, but I will research foundry and EDA vendor documents to find solutions for any questions I have while proceeding with the design. Understanding the various constraints and incorporating them into the layout design is a process of trial and error, but if you make even a small amount of progress, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Please tell me about the atmosphere at work.

We are close to members working on the same project, and we immediately discuss issues that arise, decide how to proceed with the work, and solve problems. I thought that the attitude of responding flexibly and with a sense of speed is unique to a venture company. I feel like I am working together with the project members to find a way forward. I believe that when the project is completed, we will be able to share the results with everyone.
The Yokohama office has a digital logic design team, and the Sendai head office has an analog memory design team, and although they are based far apart, they hold regular meetings and have active exchanges. You may also consult with employees at the Sendai head office for help.
It’s an environment where employees voluntarily cooperate with each other, so I want to do my best every day to help others.