Job Information


Recruitment type
①Low power consumption circuit/architecture development work for logic and memory
  1. 1)Power gating design
  2. 2)Clock gating design
  3. 3)Various power supply circuit designs
②Various logic development work such as SoC, microcontroller, FPGA, GPU, NN, etc.
  1. 1) Chip architecture
  2. 2) Logic design (high-level synthesis is a plus)
  3. 3) Physical design (implementation design, timing verification, DFT design, layout verification)
  4. 4) Standard cell design
  5. 5) Memory macro design
  6. 6) Various elemental circuit designs such as analog and IO
③Memory chip memory development work such as MRAM, DRAM, SRAM, NAND, etc.
  1. 1) Memory cell array design
  2. 2) Various elemental circuit designs such as sense amplifiers
  3. 3) Peripheral circuit design
  4. 4) ECC design
  5. 5) BIST design
④System development work
  1. 1) FW/MW/OS development
  2. 2) Development environment for Spintronics Based low-power semiconductors
  3. 3) Computer memory hierarchical architecture development
⑤Applied technology marketing operations
  1. 1) Customer service
  2. 2) Estimate support
  3. 3) Contract conclusion work
  4. 4) Market trend research
  5. 5) Developing new customers
⑥Information system/Internal SE work
  1. 1) Construction and operation of internal systems
  2. 2) Construction and operation of in-house infrastructure (design WS, storage server, etc.)
  3. 3) Information security measures work
  4. 4) DX promotion etc.
⑦Management planning/strategy/internal control operations
  1. 1) Business planning and progress management
  2. 2) Creating a business plan
  3. 3) Budget creation, medium-term management plan formulation
  4. 4) Establishment and operation of internal control system
  5. 5) General meeting of shareholders/board of directors, etc.
⑧General affairs and personnel affairs
  1. 1) Regulation development and operation
  2. 2) Recruitment/employment/exit procedures
  3. 3) Labor management and social insurance procedures
  4. 4) Facility management work/safety and health work
  5. 5) Public relations/IR/HP update work, etc.
⑨Financial accounting work
  1. 1) Monthly/annual settlement operations
  2. 2) Audit and tax support services
  3. 3)Treasurer duties
  4. 4) Individual cost accounting work
  5. 5) Expense settlement operations, etc.
Qualification requirements
Must have the ability and track record to carry out this work.
Employment status
Regular employee (retirement age: 65 years old, continuous reemployment system available)
Work location
Sendai Head Office Working hours 8:30-17:30 (1 hour break)
Yokohama Office Working hours 9:00-18:00 (1 hour break)
Determined based on experience, ability/achievements, position after employment, etc. (5.5 million yen to 11 million yen)
Single reassignment allowance/rental subsidy (Sendai), position allowance, commuting allowance
Stock option system available
Recruitment period
as early as possible
Documents to be submitted
Resume (educational background and work history since university, photo attached, free format, contact information clearly specified)
Work history (describe past work experience, areas of expertise, self-promotion points, etc.)
How to apply
Please send the above documents by e-mail to the “Document sending information” below
Selection method
Document screening → 1st interview → 2nd interview → Practical skills test → Unofficial offer → Joining the company
Document sending/Contact information
To Power Spin Inc. Recruitment Officer
e-mail: Contact us by email