Towards a new Management system of 2 Representative Directors.

A hybrid management system of “Management” × “Technology”
Facing its fifth term in 2022, Powerspin Inc. will shift to a “Stage 2: New Management System of 2 Representative Directors.”
Under the new management system, the two representative directors will focus on their respective strengths of “Management” and “Technology,”
and will aim to become game-changers in the semiconductor industry by vigorously stimulating the strong “spin” born from the “hybrid” driving “power”.
We, the two representative Directors of our company joined the cutting-edge semiconductor R&D center of two major electrical equipment manufacturers in 1987, 35 years ago at the same time.
After 20 years of refinement, we had a fateful reunion at an International Conference in Hawaii in 2014 and then started our company in 2018.
We know each other very well and we have been connected by “strong bonds for 35 years”. We will lead our company to a dramatic growth while keeping “management x technology” in sync.
“Management” : Representative Director & CEO Etsuo FUKUDA, Ph.D. (Eng)
“Technology”  : Representative Director & CTO Tetsuo ENDOH, Ph.D. (Eng)


Greetings from CEO & CTO

I am Etsuo Fukuda, representative Director & CEO.
I am Tetsuo Endoh, representative Director & CTO.
We started up as a “Start-up from Tohoku University” in 2018 with the aim of accelerating the social implementation of intellectual property and technology invented at Tohoku University.
Since then, the foundation of the company has been steadily improved, by raising funds, securing human resources, building head office functions, and concluding various contracts. Therefore, in order to accelerate and promote full-scale business development, we have shifted to the hybrid representative management system of “management x technology”.
Tohoku University, starting from the Center for Innovative Integrated Electronics Research and Development (CIES), has created many spintronics / CMOS hybrid technologies for more than 10 years.
Given that, these technologies are characterized by their dramatic low power consumption (1/100 or less) while achieving sufficient computing performance,
it can be said that the Global issues of “Carbon-neutral energy-saving society” and “easy-to-live society utilizing AI, IoT, DX, etc. (Society 5.0)” can be realized by fusing these technologies with the current semiconductor technology.
In addition, we have been engaged in research and development of innovative core technologies related to the power electronics field centered on compact, low-loss power conversion equipment using GaN on Si power devices.
The first phase of our PSI’s business will focus in applying spintronics technology on IoT devices and AI systems in order to have a 100 times higher  computing performance / power consumption ratio than conventional products.
In particular, we will develop the following four services as our core businesses. (1) Design service of various logic LSIs and their modules for magnetic memory such as STT-MRAM, IoT devices and AI chips, using spintronics / CMOS Hybrid technology, (2) Prototyping service of spintronics/CMOS hybrid LSIs for magnetic memory,  IoT devices, AI chips, etc. using spintronics technology, (3) Sales and licensing business of intellectual property, various circuit IP and PDKs related to spintronics / CMOS Hybrid technology, (4) Consulting service in the relevant business area.
By further developing these technologies, we will more easily incorporate our technologies into our customers’ businesses.
In addition, in order to accelerate the further technological development of our customers, we will focus on completing the technological development infrastructure for that purpose.
On the other hand, in “management”, we will enhance our management resources and aim to become a “unicorn company”, thereby contributing to the promotion of science and technology in Japan and strengthening of international competitiveness.


We will contribute to the society with dreams and a warm heart through the creation of new value and innovation.


As a start-up from Tohoku University, we will continuously contribute to the social implementation of the technology created by Tohoku Univ., contribute to the advancement of university-industry-academia collaboration activities, and contribute to the creation of a heartful and earth-friendly society.


By promoting integrated electronics business using spintronics technology and power electronics business, we aim to provide ultra-low power consumption technology and contribute to the promotion of Japan’s science and technology and strengthening of international competitiveness.

Company Profile

Company Power Spin Inc.
Location Head Office         Address:468-1, Aza-Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Pre.
                          Material Innovation Center(J21), Tohoku University
Yokohama Office  Address:2-3-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pre.
                          Queen’s Tower A 9th floor
Established October 24, 2018
Major Operations (1) Design services for Magnetic memory of such as STT-MRAM by spintronics / CMOS Hybrid technology,various logic LSIs for IoT devices and AI chips and their modules
(2) LSI prototype service for magnetic memory, IoT devices and AI chips, etc. by Spintronics / CMOS Hybrid technology
(3) Sales and licensing business of intellectual property, various circuit IPs, and PDKs related to spintronics / CMOS Hybrid technology
(4) Consulting service in the relevant business area
Capital 1,340 million yen (as of November 1’st, 2023)

Representative Director & Chief Executive Officer(CEO) : Etsuo Fukuda, Ph.D. (Eng)
Representative Director & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) : Tetsuo Endoh, Ph.D. (Eng)
Director & Chief Operating Officer(COO) : Toru Masaoka
Director : Tetsuro Higuchi (Tohoku University Venture Partners)
Director : Kengo Miura (JAFCO)
Auditor : Takumi Kumagai(Tohoku Innovation Capital)

Fiscal year From April 1’st to March 31’th

Access:Sendai Head Office

About 15 minutes from Sendai Station to Aobayama Station on the Tozai Line Subway
Aobayama Station “South 1″ exit, 2minute walk to Material Innovation Center (J21)
Address:468-1, Aza-Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Pre.
Material Innovation Center (J21), Tohoku University

Google Map (Material Innovation Center, Tohoku University)

Access:Yokohama Office

Direct access from Toyoko/Minatomirai Line Minatomirai Station
8 minutes walk from JR Line Sakuragicho Station
Address:2-3-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pre.
              Queen’s Tower A 9th floor


PSI started a business with an investment from Tohoku University Venture Partners Co., Ltd. (THVP), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tohoku University.
Since then, we have received investment from JAFCO, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd., SPARX Asset Management and JIC Venture Growth Investments